We deliver value-driven care, enabling our providers to ensure patients receive the support they need throughout their healthcare journey. From our owned and affiliated clinics to our fine-tuned patient engagement strategies, NeueCare is hyper-focused on increasing access to high-quality care with a deep commitment to the communities we serve.

Our Clinics

We deliver value-driven care through our owned clinics in Florida and Texas.


Nationwide Affiliated Providers

We support over 3,000 affiliated providers throughout the country to ease their administrative burdens through our NeueSolutions services.

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What We Believe

At NeueHealth, we believe high-quality healthcare should be accessible and affordable to all populations across the ACA Marketplace, Medicare, and Medicaid. We develop a true relationship with our patients early in their healthcare journey to understand their specific needs so we can deliver a personalized, consumer-centric healthcare experience.

Our commitment is to:

Ask our patients the right questions,

Listen to their concerns,

• Respect their health history and experiences,

• Engage them in the way they wish to be engaged,

• Guide them toward the right care at the right time in a setting they trust.

We also believe that quality healthcare delivery considers not only our patients' current condition and their health history, but also their financial health, potential environmental risk factors, and overall well-being. This is the foundation of our care model.

Providing the Right Support
at the Right Time

We are committed to supporting our patients with inclusive, proactive, and informed care. Core to this is our unique approach to patient engagement as well as the personalized touchpoints we provide throughout the healthcare journey.
Patient Engagement

We believe engagement is more than a call center or an episodic encounter. Engagement is about building a trusted relationship. Whether our first touch is through the scheduling of an annual wellness visit, or it happens because we see that a patient is accessing a higher level of care, we act. For some, we coordinate and assist with finding the next needed touchpoint. We have an always “on” model of engagement.
Care Management

Either because of active listening during an encounter, or because we have identified a patient who has additional healthcare needs through our methodical review, we act. Our health screeners reach out to patients to learn more about their circumstances. With that knowledge, we act. Our clinicians follow up with those patients and help to make the necessary connections to healthcare resources and support.
Referral Management

As we identify patients who need follow-up services or care coordination, we make sure to direct them to the best care to meet their unique needs, in a setting they trust. We stay engaged throughout their care journey.
Community Outreach

We also know that clinical needs are inextricably linked to social needs.  When our engagement leads to a concern about a gap in social services, we act. A full spectrum of culturally appropriate social services is provided to our patients in a trusted environment.
Virtual Care
Ease of access also means being available when our patients need us. We offer telemedicine for those who cannot come to us or who need after-hours care.

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